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Forming a club and building a Curling Rink in Parksville was a dream of local curlers George Gudbranson and Ross Stephens in the spring of 1991. First they built a membership base and the Parksville Curling Club was incorporated under the Provincial Societies Act on December 20th, 1991.

The following years were spent recruiting more members, raising money and negotiating with the City of Parksville and the Provincial Government to secure a site and the funds to build the Club. Several years were spent by a number of dedicated people who continued to raise funds.

During that time, 64 curling rocks were purchased from the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel when they closed their curling club. The members raised money through raffles, casinos, debentures, golf tournaments, delivering catalogues, etc. There were numerous circumstances which prevented the realization of the dream until the Regional District of Nanaimo built a new district arena and offered to lease the old arena to the Parksville Curling Club.

In 2003 the Parksville Curling Club and the Regional District signed a 5 year lease agreement and the Club hired Gordon Twanow as our Ice Technician. When the Oak Bay Curling Club closed we were able to purchase ice making equipment. We still required 16 rocks for our 5th sheet of ice and were lucky to have the Long Beach Curling Club loan them to us due to the closure of their rink.

Our Club now boasts a total membership of 822 with 346 active curlers. We are continually upgrading the facility and recently signed a new 5 year lease. Except for Gordon and our part time manager Maurice Tieulie the entire operation of the Club is conducted by volunteers. We have 12 weekly leagues and host Special Olympics and school curling. We also host an Annual Mixed Summer Bonspiel to coincide with the Sand Castle Sculpturing at the Parksville Beach in the 3rd week of August as well as 5 other bonspiels during the year.

In 2007 we hosted the B.C. Masters Men's and Ladies Playdowns

In 2009 we hosted the BC Scotties Provincial Women's Curling Championship

In February 2012 and again in 2013, the BC Men's Championships was hosted


Building undergoing transformation

West Facade
Our curlers tackling the task of removing the old wood siding and replacing it with new modern prepainted Hardi plank

South Facade

Replacement of "Siding Project"

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Volunteers that took part in the "Siding Project".

 I do not like singling out individuals (as you all did your share), but I must give a special vote of thanks to Maurice, and Harvey, without who's knowledge, and hard work, I think we would have struggled to finish the project as soon as we did.

Not only did you all come forward with your time, and expertise, but more so, you showed everybody that passed by the project (who ALL commented on how impressed they were,) that you are all committed to the future of Parksville Curling Club. This spirit was evident with every shift throughout the whole project. You all made the Project proceed far more quickly than I ever hoped.

 Thank you all



Ice Installation in Progress

The ice plant was started on 3 Aug at 9:45am
The following will be a photo log of the ice being installed at our club

First cap

Aug 4 - a thin coat of water is sprayed on the concrete to seal the surface

First cap

Aug 4 - all walkways are sealed to keep water from going under the walk.

First Flood
Aug 4 - Laying down the first layer of water
Flood Finished
Aug 4 - First layer finished, not very flat or level yet
Aug 6 - 3rd layer of water
Aug 6 - 3rd layer of water, water starting to level out, 8 more layers to go
View from the back
Aug 6 - view from the back.
Aug 8
Aug 8 - View from the front, layer 8
frozen water
Aug 14 - Disaster Recovery
Aug 15 - Painting the ice
frozen water
Aug 15 - Closing in on the center
frozen water frozen water
Aug 15 - White paint finished
frozen waterAug 21 - After a meltdown, repainting the ice, and reflooding; the new houses are insalled. frozen water
frozen water
Aug 23 - It's coming together, hacks in, lines in, just a few more things to add
Aug 24 - First Rocks of the season thrown by
Tim (L) & Greg (R)


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